operation-christmas-child-KCEach month we have specific items we collect for local and/or global missions:

January: Collecting Hats, Gloves, Blankets, and scarfs.
February: Non-perishable items for the blessing boxes around Woodford County.
March: Global Missions giving
May: Collecting Water
June: Personal Hygiene Items
July: School supplies for needy children in Woodford County Schools
September – New socks and underwear
October – November: Shoe Boxes                                                                           November/ December– Toys for inmates

The missions team would love to hear suggestions for mission needs not listed above. To make suggestions or for more information contact: Autumn Drane by email, Sue Harris by email or Carla Cadwallader.

Our Mission Giving in 2019
In 2019, our church gave…

  • $22,200.33 to Kentucky Baptist Convention
  • $5,223.63 to Kentucky Network of Baptists
  • $1,305.91 to Woodford Ministerial Association
  • $2,938.25 to Annie Armstrong Mission Giving
  • $419.75 to Julia Woodward Mission
  • $419.75 to Eliza Broadus Offering
  • $4,617.25 to Lottie Moon Mission Giving

For a total of $37,124.87!