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Sunday School: Travellers
Howard Murphy, Nancy Redden,
and Eddie Litteral
Our goal is to study the Bible all the way through, one book at a time. We alternate between the Old and New Testaments and study directly from the scriptures. We read each chapter verse by verse, learn about related information and history and engage in open discussion. Discussion is a HUGE part of what we do.
We are a very open and supportive group. The support is amazing and exactly what Christian brothers and sisters are to display. We share our joys, sorrows, tears and prayers and will set aside a lesson if anyone needs help or support, hugs or prayers.
We are called the "Travellers" because so many of us have jobs that require a lot of travel. Our group has members from a wide variety of backgrounds and occupations, including retirees. It includes couples, divorced singles, people with spouses in other classes and people with spouses who do not attend church. And while our members range in age from 40s to 60s, we invite and welcome anyone looking for a great class!
We recently have taken up the banner of being a "Mission Minded Class". We do this by selecting a mission or need  and donate a portion of our weekly contributions. Some of our most recent donations have included the following: Woodford County Food Pantry, Correll family, Haitian Relief Fund, Reducing the debt of our church building fund.