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Sunday School: High School

Adam Alexander - Assistant
Our high school students study a curriculum called Fuel. It is a two year Bible study that starts with the Old Testament and progresses through the New Testament.
Fuel is video based and opens with a modern day clip which parallels the Bible story. For example, if the lesson is on Job and his suffering, it may show a clip of suffering in the world today. Then it interviews teenagers and asks questions related to the clip, such as, Why do you think God allows suffering? Have you ever experienced suffering in your life? How did you feel about God during your painful experience?
Finally the lesson finishes up with the actual Bible lesson scriptures told by a familiar, nationally known person. Maybe someone like the lead singer from Casting Crowns, Ergun Caner (former Muslim, current youth leader).
High school students need a place where they can open up and share and our class gives them that. They share events in their lives, their opinions on what is being discussed and questions related to the Bible lesson or otherwise. Come be part of our group! We also get together on Wednesday nights and do many activities outside of class.