Prior to 1900, the community of Pinckard had no church. There was, however, a one-room school attended by approximately 90 children in the district. A Sunday School program was started in the school building by a Mr. Greathouse and this was so successful that the people wanted a church building.

People of all denominations donated to build the Pinckard Church. Mr. Joe Parker donated the land for this non-denominational church. Mr. Greathouse served as the first Sunday School Superintendent. Others who labored to teach God’s Word in those early days were: Mrs. Joseph Garrett, Miss Lena Burrier, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Burrier, Mr. J.B. Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Nat Thompson, Mrs. Kate Owens, and Mary Lou Hartley Yarnell. Initially, the Sunday School flourished and there were times when the sanctuary would not hold the crowds. After a while, however, this program died and the church was closed.

In the summer of 1934, George W. Phillips, a student at Georgetown Baptist College, was driving through the community and noticed the closed church. He sought permission to reopen the building and gained the support of several local citizens. Together, they began to revitalize this community church. This new endeavor was supported as a Mission of the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church located at Keene, in Jessamine County. In August of 1934, a revival was held by Brother Phillips and there were five additions by baptism. As new members were received, they were given a Certificate of Membership through the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. Although times were hard, $18.00 was collected for George Phillips for his services during that first revival meeting.

He held a second meeting in June of 1935, and there were ten additions to the church. (He received $21.00 that year). Some of our present members who were part of that early fellowship recall worshipping in a building without electricity and sitting near a pot-bellied stove for warmth during the winter months. The church continued to grow and on August 1, 1936, the Trustees of the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church transferred the property to the Trustees of the Pinckard Baptist Church, organized the previous year.

Some of the early members who served in the newly organized church are still fondly remembered today.  Mr. Howard Lancaster, who served as song leader, loved to sing, “O Happy Day, That Fixed My Choice”, as he recalled the day he chose Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Mrs. Ennice Stokely served faithfully as the church pianist for many years. Mrs. Rosa McGoldrick was loved by the pupils in her Sunday School class, and everyone appreciated the beautiful bouquets she shared from her garden. She was known throughout the community as Aunt Rosa.

Those who have served the Lord as pastors of the Pinckard Baptist Church through the years are:

  • Henry Beech (1935-1936)
  • Lamar Kitson (1936)
  • Edgar Chandler (1937-1938)
  • Carl Sears (1938-1940)
  • Dewey Bennett (1940-1942)
  • H.M. Patton (1942-1948)
  • David Lathrem (1949-1950)
  • William Lykins (1950-1951)
  • V.B. Filson (1951-1962)
  • Wallace Williams (1962-1966)
  • William Brumley (1966-1977)
  • George W. Phillips (Interim 2/78-7/78; Pastor 1978-1985)
  • Douglas Simpson (1986-2010)
  • Brent Birchell (Interim 10/10 to 9/11 )
  • Kyle Rader (10/11 to 12/13)
  • Roy “Butch” Vernon (Interim 01/14 – 06/15)
  • Dr. Mike James (06/15 to 10-18)
Yes, the George W. Phillips who served as pastor from 1978-1985 is the same person who as a college student arranged for the old Pinckard Community Church to be reopened to hold a revival in 1934! Those of us today who have the vision of what Pinckard Baptist Church can do in the future, appreciate and revere those who had the vision in the past. Where there is no vision, the people perish… (Proverbs 29:18a)